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Machinery Lubrication 2015 07/08

Machinery Lubrication Magazine uitgave 2015 Juli/Augustus
Het vlakblad voor de lubrication professional, met de laatste informatie en inzichten gericht op het smeertechnisch onderhoud.

In deze editie ondermeer:

  • Condition-based Oil Changes: An Easy Way to Save Big Money
    Even if you have a well-established oil analysis program that is providing great results, you could still be wasting thousands of dollars per year on unnecessary oil changes.
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  • How to Select Machines for Oil Analysis
    You must be prudent about which machines are selected for oil analysis as well as the sampling frequency.
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  • Benefits of FTIR Oil Analysis
    If routine oil analysis tests do not indicate the root cause of a failure, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) testing may be required. Discover how to best use the results of an FTIR test.
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  • Gearbox Condition Monitoring Through Used Oil Analysis
    When the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, purchased new planetary gearboxes for its wastewater sludge dewatering centrifuges, it decided to implement a proactive used oil analysis maintenance strategy. Find out how this decision resulted in significant cost savings.
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