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Machinery Lubrication 2015 09/10

Machinery Lubrication Magazine uitgave 2015 September/Oktober
Het vlakblad voor de lubrication professional, met de laatste informatie en inzichten gericht op het smeertechnisch onderhoud.

In deze editie ondermeer:

  • A Better Way to Test Grease Consistency
    The use of a stress rheometer has proven to be a preferred method of monitoring the consistency of new and in-service grease.
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  • Establishing Elemental Limit Values for Motor Oils
    Limit and warning levels from elemental spectrometric analysis serve as indicators of the amount of foreign particles in used oil that is still tolerable. When compared with fresh oil, they can indicate when the altered lubricant must be changed.
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  • Wages Holding Steady as Lubrication Workforce Gets Younger
    The latest results from Machinery Lubrication’sannual salary survey reveal some interesting insights into the lubrication industry, as compensation rates appear to have remained steady over the past 12 months while the average age of the workforce has dropped.
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  • Remedies for a Bad Maintenance Culture
    Until you fix the culture issue, you cannot rise to the lofty state of excellence in maintenance and reliability.
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